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We're not complicated...

                                   Mandarin Dots is a Chinese language programme designed specifically for children from all backgrounds to learn Chinese.   With over 20 years of teaching and running a successful language school for the Chinese community in Plymouth, we have the expertise in providing a fun yet worthwhile learning experience to help our learners develop the key skills to learning the Chinese language.

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                 We believe that the earlier a child is exposed to a foreign language, the faster the language in question is acquired. We also believe that it is a good idea to introduce a new language to children from early years, as they tend to be less self-conscious about speaking aloud at this stage of their development. 

                  Learning another language presents opportunities for the reinforcement of knowledge, skills and understanding in other curriculum areas. An understanding of the structure of a new language enhances the child’s understanding of their own language and therefore links closely to the Literacy curriculum. 

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